Power of Attorney for Real estate Contracts

Published: 04th May 2010
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One of the most powerful tools is the use of power of attorney in connection to your real estate contract. But, you have to observe extra care to avoid potential downfalls. Real estate lawyers from Arizona provide common questions of business owners who are in a real estate business. These question are related to the use of power if attorney in connection to the real estate context. Here are several questions those real estate owners like you commonly ask.

• What does power if attorney really mean? A power of attorney forms is a sample signed document that can give authorization to someone to act in your behalf. This power of attorney is commonly used by business owners in the real estate business transactions. This is use when the landlord or the owner is not available for such business transaction. If the owner of the business is not available for signing legal forms because of several reasons he or she can designate another person to sign for him. You may choose to acquire a limited power of attorney. This is to give definite duty to the agent for an intended purpose. This limited power of attorney will end after the transaction has been made.

• What is the scope of the given power of the owner? The scope of this given power if attorney will greatly depend upon the owner. If you are in a real estate business, you can set restrictions as to which transactions should be handled by your agent. In most cases owners avoid having general power of attorney that can give full access to your agent. If you are still capable of doing lots of things in your business, you can just have the limited power of attorney. Another kind if power of attorney that you can fill up is the durable power of attorney, which can provide your successor with full access to your business in case you are incapacitated in doing business transactions.

• How long does a power if attorney last? Again, this matter is totally depend upon the details if the contract. If the power of attorney forms do not have definite expiration date, the power still remain over the successor until it is not been revoked by the owner. The authority over all transactions in the business can stay if the principal dies because of illness. If the principal is still in good condition and his health problem are curable. It is imperative to include an expiry date.

There are requirement that you should take in mind juts like having a witness that is not closely related to the principal and this must also be notarized. It's good to have a real estate lawyer to handle real estate forms at the course of filling for a power if attorney.

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