How to deal with bad landlords

Published: 08th January 2010
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If you're having problems with your landlord, and if you think that they are abusing your rights or if you think they are taking advantage of you, then you must fight for your rights and for you to do that, here are the following tips:

1. The first thing you must do is, study your agreement and study the tenant's rights. You must understand fully what you are suppose to be having and things that you are not to do. You can even search through Internet about a certain state law. You may get a legal advisor or attorney for the legal forms to be more clear to you. If you have an attorney, you'll know exactly what to do, he/she can give you good advices, and he/she knows very well of the legal terms.

2. If the landlord is making you pay for more than what you've agreed upon, read your copy of the agreement and see whether you have an agreement about paying for extra services like laundry wash, cable TV etc etc. If you don't have any agreements of that, you can dispute that to him/her, but if you had an agreement, then you must first check on what you've agreed on paying and check whether you used the said services or not then compute. If the landlord's computation is different from yours, you have the right to ask about it.

3. If your landlord constantly going in the premises and not even having a notice, then you have the right to question them and ask for your privacy. They are only allowed to visit the premises if there are emergency inspections and if you're given a notice on when they are coming and also they can go to the premises on the date of the collection of rent in which you also are aware of, because you agreed on it.

4. If your landlord suddenly gives you notice that you are to be evicted immediately without finishing your contract, you must ask for the reason of it. You have the right to know the reason of a sudden eviction. If they don't have any reason or if the only reason involves racism, then you can fight for it. You can sue them for treating you wrongly. They can't immediately evict you, unless you have done something illegal or did something destructive to the premises and not wanting to pay for the damages.

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