Five common Lease Forms

Published: 08th January 2010
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. Residential Lease Extension - This is used when a tenant decided to extend the previous lease and must be agreed upon by the landlord and the tenant. New lease is not necessary to be made, most of the time the lease still continues and be carried over to the extension. This is mostly done and be agreed upon by both parties when all are settled from the previous lease. Remember this is to be signed by both parties as a proof, that both agreed on it. This includes name of the landlord and tenant, precious lease information, extension of lease terms and rent payments that are already revised.

2. Notice of Lease Recording - This is a kind of document that you can use to record a lease for you to be able to give a notice to third parties, this may serve as a proof the existence of the lease on a bundle of real estate. This is also used as an alternative of the whole lease agreement's recording. This is needed because its purpose is for the legal claim of the land to be secured only to you, and not allowing any other future claims.

3. Temporary lease forms - This form contains name of the landlord, the name of the tenant, temporary lease term, security deposits if you have provided and utilities. This is used by the seller and the buyer of the property before the closing of it. This is used when the property owner decides to let the tenant to have possession before the closing of the contract of sale happen. This is an important one among the various tenant forms available.

4. Residential Lease Agreements - The lease agreement is the contract that's written between the tenant and the landlord that includes the details of the conditions that the tenant gave to the landlord. This is to be signed by both parties, and may serve as a proof for future disputes of either camp.

5. Sublease Form - This form is used whenever the previous tenant has decided to grant the leased premises to another person. None the less the original tenant will retain some or most of the rights from the original lease.


Always remember that whatever or whatever forms you use, you must always remember to understand fully the terms and conditions of all the forms. Know you rights and know the rights of the other party, always make sure that both of you signed the agreements. Make sure that both parties have constantly contacting each other for a better lease relationship.

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