Deciding Between a 2-door and 3-door Car

Published: 24th March 2010
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There are many things that you should consider when buying a car. It depends whether you are single or married, number of kids, kind of job you have and the list can go on.

Two-door cars will more likely suit the singles because you need not think of any more passengers except for your date, maybe. Four-door cars are more for the family so that everyone will surely fit in.

But to give you more detailed information about the pros and cons about these two types of cars, experts have compared 2-door cars and 4-door cars for safety in car accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has done several crash tests as part of the requirements for 4-door cars because they are usually for family use cars. They have decided to do the same to 2-door cars to see how they uphold in crash tests. It has been noted that some of those 2-door cars that they have tried are quite acceptable but only a few were rated as top pick for safety.

Aside from safety, you will also check on your budget and determine how will you purchase the vehicle, whether through cash, bank loan or financing. The price of a 2-door or a 4-door vehicle usually depends on the brand, style and comfort. For example, 2 door convertibles are less expensive than 4-door convertibles. But if you will buy a 2-door sports car, its price is way higher than a 4-door sedan.

You will also quickly discover that 2-door vehicles have smaller leg room in the interior seating and some two door cars have no back seat area at all. Some car owners do not find this a problem while others do not appreciate the awkward method for gaining access to the back seat area.

For family vehicles for children or for toting around a lot of passengers, you are better off searching for a sedan or another passenger car.

If you are looking for a green car that gets super gas mileage, you might want to consider some hybrid vehicles.

Once you have decided which car suits you and your lifestyle, search online for car companies that offers the best deals. If you need financing, you have to submit several documents and sign a contract with that agency to assist you in purchasing the vehicle of your choice. After which, you sign another document with the car dealer for the transfer of the car ownership to your name. Make sure you check the vehicle first, whether it's brand new or not, before driving away.

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